How Long Do Artificial Trees Last Outside?

For some people, having a beautiful, eye-catching garden makes the area feel comfortable. However, not everyone is disciplined and diligent in keeping plants alive. Artificial trees are generally preferred over native plants by lazy and busy people. This fake plant can create a beautiful atmosphere in the house for years. It is because no matter how harsh the weather conditions are, they will remain a refreshing green to look at for years. The use of artificial trees and plants has the benefit of a well-maintained, healthy, allergy-free, flowering garden display without significant maintenance.

 However, many of the fake tree owners ask if they can be placed outdoors. Of course, you can, but it still depends on the materials used and the care carried out. Then, what types of artificial trees? How long can they last outside? What should you do to maintain it?

1.Weather Resistant

This kind of material usually doesn’t have ultraviolet protection from direct sunlight that causes damage. This type is using polyester and plastic for the material. Even though they withstand water, hot and cold temperatures but they still cannot withstand sunlight rays. The resistance of this type without sunlight protection is about 1 to 1.5 years. All of this still depends on how many sunlight rays they absorb each day. Plastics and polyester are well known for their outdoor furniture products. They have resistance in the strength of the material. However, this does not guarantee the color fading of the tree. Therefore you should spray it with UV protection before putting it outdoors to extend its lifespan.

2.UV resistant

This kind of material has an Ultraviolet-resistant coating. It is designed to fade off fading and keep the plant looking new no matter the temperature, weather, or outdoor elements. Same with the first type, it can last for 1.5 years or more. It depends on the weather in your area and how long they are unprotected to direct sunlight in a day. They usually use real logs for outdoor use with silk-coated polyester foliage. Silk is easily damaged and faded if exposed to rain, sunshine, and outdoor environments. Therefore, the use of silk must be coated by a UV-resistant to maintain the color pigment. Because otherwise, they wouldn’t last more than two months. If your artificial tree is made from silk then sprays on an ultraviolet-resistant coating before placing it outdoors.

3.UV Infused

The UV-infused type usually uses a specific polyester blend material. It has ultraviolet protective properties that are injected into all parts during the manufacturing process. They are the most durable type of artificial tree. Their color and vigor will stand out even when exposed to lots of direct sunlight. Even in the desert, they can last five to ten years. You can buy all three types in the online shop. Make sure you buy it on trusted e-commerce. Online shopping can make it easier for you to get everything you need without the hassle of having to go outside the home. You can even use a plant delivery Singapore service. They will immediately send your order in the best condition.

The maintenance you have to do is easy. You only need a wet cloth and wipe it gently. It aims to remove dust from it. However, if you put it outside your home there is extra care that you need to do. The most common solution is to place it in the shade. You should make sure they are in the shade to keep up from direct sunlight. You also have to pay attention to changes in the weather, be it rain, scorching heat, snow, and strong winds. If your house is in the conditions mentioned, move the tree a little into the shade. It is to maintain their resistance and avoid color fading.

Next up is spraying a UV-resistant coating. Usually, the shops that sell these fake plants also sell their ultraviolet-proof sprays. Then how do you do it right? The first thing you do is clean it from dust and other dirt. Wipe with a damp cloth if there are stubborn stains or dirt. After it is clean, you have to let it dry evenly. After it dries, you can spray ultraviolet-proof spray. Spray outdoors to make it easier to do. Spray 10-15 inches of spray distance onto the plants in a sweeping motion. After spraying one side, let them dry first. After drying, spray the other side as before. Then let them stand for 6-8 hours outdoors. It is to allow the coating to absorb well into the plant.

Now you know what types of materials for outdoor artificial trees. Then you can make a decision on which fake tree is right for you. If you are a person who likes a new change after it damages, the weather-resistant type is your choice. However, if you want to save money, the UV-infused type is your goal. Click on this fake plant Singapore page to view more information.

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