Tips to Safely Ship Your Priced RV to The Desired Destination

Millions of Americans own recreational vehicles due to the convenience it offers during vacations. RVs help us easily plan vacation plans and help us stay in better control of your time there. But driving our RV all the way to the destination can be quite tiring. You can instead choose to ship your RV to the destination with the assistance of a reputable shipping service.

Ways to ship RV:

  • Flatbed: The designated driver loads the RV onto a flatbed trailer and then hauls to the destination.
  • Roll-on/ roll-off (RoRo): This method is use to ship an RV through the ocean. A designated driver drives the vehicle to the port and loads the vehicle onto the ship using ramp. On arrival of destination, another driver unloads the RV and drives it to the destination location.
  • Towing: Your RV is towed from source to destination

Choosing a shipping company in Wisconsin:

The choice of shipping method depends on your destination, adherence to strict deadlines, RV weight etc. Your shipping company will let you know which option works best for you. Short-listing a shipping carrier company can be quite tricky due to the overwhelming number of choices available and not all of them provide prompt and great service.

However, a broker makes the job easy for you. Unlike carrier companies who own anywhere between few to a fleet of vehicles, brokers have a well-established relationship with several carriers. If you are looking for Auto transport to or from Wisconsin, reach out to Ship a Car, Inc. They are the leading broker services in Winconsin.

They connect you to a suitable carrier of your needs and make sure the shipping progresses smoothly. Since they are in touch with several carriers, they ensure your RV reaches the destination on time.

Preparing your vehicle:

Any vehicle should be prepared before loaded for shipping so that the vehicles arrive safely at the destination. When it comes to an RV,

  • Ensure the vehicle is in good driving condition. Take care of a maintenance issue, if any
  • Remove hazardous and inflammable material from the vehicle
  • Remove valuables and personal belongings
  • If there are items you can’t remove from your RV, ensure you secure them well.

What can be done from your side for a budget-friendly and smooth shipping experience?

Making Full Advantage of Auto Shipping Quotes – Synchronous Motor

Flexible about deadlines:

 If you aren’t too particular about deadlines, it is possible to seal the deal at a more budget-friendly price. You can enquire the carrier company about the days they offer better shipping prices.

Convenient pick-up and drop location:

 Your carrier company would charge you more if you want your vehicle picked up or dropped in an obscure or remote location. You may instead choose to decide on a centralized location to cut down costs.

Bring down the vehicle’s weight as much as possible:

The cost of shipping increases with the weight of the vehicle. Avoid loading the vehicle with personal belongings for travel.

Book the shipping service well-ahead so that you have ample time to planning. Take your time to choose the best shipping service by checking their credentials and reading genuine customer reviews so that you can stay relaxed when your RV is in transit.

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