Tips on how to win at Baccarat


  • Never make the tie bet. Baccarat bandarq is a game that supports a very low house edge. Even if you are to lose, you do not lose very much. But if you win, you are likely to win great rewards. However, a tie is at a completely different level. In tie bets, the house edge on online gambling sites increases tremendously. If that is the case, you as well as your opponents all are going to win only low prizes as a bigger share will go to the online gambling site or the casino. 
  • Bet on the banker. Baccarat is a game of 50:50 possibility, this is what most people think. However, this game has a slight edge towards the banker besides the house. It is a higher possibility that the banker is going to win instead of the player. 
  • Keep going with the banker. If we are only taking chances in a game, it will be a better possibility if we bet on the banker. If the banker keeps on raising the stakes after the first bet, it is most likely that he will be the one to win. Do not be too aggressive with your bets. There is still a house edge over every bet you make. 
  • Do not play mini-baccarat. The traditional baccarat game is one in which the players deal with the cards. You can play up to 40 games of baccarat if it is traditional. 

Mini-baccarat is a completely different game. In this, the dealer deals the cards and it is fast-paced. As many as 200 such games can be played in an hour. 

  • Money management. Make your decision on how much you want to bet on per unit. If the value you used exceeds your estimated value, it will be better suited if you leave the game. If you are winning so far, then use only half the value of the profit to make further bets. By the end, you will still be left with some money to take home. 
  • Keep track of your wins. Often a scorecard is provided by the casinos to help players keep records of their wins or losses. If you are winning, it will be better for you to keep on playing. If you are losing a lot of games, make sure to quit as soon as possible. Try playing on the lowest bet tables that support large pools. It might enhance your chances of winning. 

Baccarat Strategy

  • Keep in mind that baccarat is a game of chance rather than strategy. Counting the cards is of no use in this game. It will be better if you focus more on games than cards.
  • Choose the game that supports as few decks of cards as possible. 
  • Look for casinos that pay the banker a commission of less than 5%. 
  • Divide the money and control how much of it you want to bet in each round. 
  • Keep in mind to make frequent bets on the banker. 
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