9 Things to Make Your Wedding Night Memorable

An ideal wedding night is the dream of every groom and bride. Is it easy to achieve this dream? This would be easy if couples know the basic fun things to do in this night. Forget the stress, take a cold/hot shower depending on season, and sleep well. You have support of which will ensure that your wedding night would be splendorous and memorable. Remember Farfetch voucher code because you may need several things related to fashion, style and beauty for this beautiful night. Here is what girls should remember for a great experience.

Wedding Night Lingerie:

When you select underwear for wedding night, prefer the lingerie. Sexy lingerie is the right idea to bring additional confidence and force him to lose control. Don’t forget that lingerie should suit your body and wedding dress.

Wedding Night Scent:

Call your husband-to-be and visit Farfetch store UAE with him. Shop a perfume both of you love. This perfume will be for the wedding night only. Keep it in the memory box and it will remind you of the great scent.

Forget the Stress:

Some couples take wedding night as a stress. Don’t be ridiculous. You are not going to a war zone. This is just a wedding night and doesn’t require anything special. All you have to do is make sure that your partner is with you.

Wedding Night Gift:

Buy a gift for your spouse. This is a tradition and a great step to win the trust. In most cases, men buy a ring for brides. Are you looking for unique gifts? For example, you can gift a beautiful dress. Redeem Farfetch voucher code and select the top trending dresses for honeymoon tour.


Play light music and it will help you relax. Music has outstanding impact on the mind and body. It boosts the mood and brings your thoughts to a romantic corner.

Sexy Massage:

Girls can wish for a body massage. This is a best step to take an easy start. Most couples wonder how to start romance. They hesitate especially if it is for the first time. Experts suggest that “Ladies First” formula may work here. Order beauty products such as massage lotions with Farfetch voucher code and take advantage. A groom can offer her a body massage to boost her mood.

Ask About His Preferences:

Are you unsure how to attract a man? This is not a difficult task. Start a romantic discussion and ask him what you can do for him. Is he still unsure? Now it is up to you. Try anything romantic and sexy to seduce him.

Keep Sexy Snacks:

Yes, these are essential most couples may miss. There are several sexy snacks such as chocolate, cherries, strawberries, wine and even whisky. Offer her/him these sexy snacks while you are talking about the romance.

Plan your Honeymoon:

Some will not agree with this point because it sounds an unsuitable step. Planning honeymoon may encourage both of you to come closer. You have to start from somewhere. Honeymoon planning would be the best.

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