3 Unmissable Beaches in Banyuwangi, Indonesia

Known as one of the gateways in Bali, Banyuwangi is your most important district in East Java. Many tourists pass through Banyuwangi funds, on their way out of Bromo to Bali. However, there’s a lot more to do than just drive through town. To keep you inspired, here is a list of some of the best beaches in Banyuwangi.

1.     Rajegewesi Beach

The beach is surrounded by the sea and tropical forests, which were previously home to the endangered Javan tiger and turtle, black panthers, long black turtles, sea turtles, deer, eagles and many others. Rajegwesi has relatively calm waves and good water currents. In contrast to other beaches around the south coast. It is also a beautiful beach for snorkeling.

One of the best things to do if you are looking is to take a fishing boat. The locals rent boats for those who want to cross the coast to Teluk Hijau or some of the tourist attractions in Taman Meru Betiri. Since you are sitting on the boat, save your memories and enjoy the splash of water on your face. It might make you wonder how they got there.

How to Access Rajegewesi Beach?

Rajegewesi Beach is 80 kilometers away, also a 2.5 km drive, in Banyuwangi. The easiest way to reach Rajegewesi is by renting a private car as you will not find public transport guides to the beach. Be careful because the road is muddy and slippery and has not been paved. You are expected to report to the officer and close the entrance in the heart of Taman Meru Betiri.

2.     Red Island Beach

Red Islan beach includes white sand and stretches for about 3 kilometers. This is just one of the most famous beaches near Banyuwangi. It is famous as a global surf spot. Many expert surf contests are held (it’s also a fantastic place for amateur patrons). Apart from surfers, you will find many people sailing across the coral reefs around the sea. In front of the beach, there is a mountain as high as 200 meters with reddish soil.

Not far from the beach, there is a holy temple called Pura Tawang Alun. It was founded in the 1980s and is used as a place of worship to this day. 25,000 per hour. This is an ideal place to wait for the sun to set.

Pulau Merah Beach is an hour’s drive from Rajegwesi, about 60 kilometers from Banyuwangi. Very accessible, hard to find public transport to the beach. I would recommend renting a vehicle or arranging an afternoon trip to the beach through your resort.

3.     Green Bay Beach

You should visit Rajegwesi first. Green Bay is famous because of its hidden place, and it takes effort to achieve it. Apart from that, the place is quite clean and quiet. After arriving at the beach, look for the nearest rock (favorite photo point). This is a favorite place to admire the view and enjoy the green colored water. Big trees and forest protect the beach, be careful with your belongings, monkeys can come at any time and sneak.

Green Bay includes a standard white sandy beach, and is quite gentle on the skin. Near the beach there is a waterfall where you can swim and wash away the acidic water. There is a wooden swing under a tree, maybe not too far from the beach, where you can enjoy views of the waterfall and beach. Be aware, and there are no changing rooms or bathrooms on the beach.

You can get to Green Bay Beach from the sea or land. If you are a big fan of hiking, overland trails will be for you. With Rejegwesi it is about 3 kilometers away, you can go 1 kilometer by car and a further two kilometers by hiking. Remember, this is not a simple conclusion, but it is worth trying. You will pass Batu beach before coming to Green Bay. An additional means of getting to the beach is by boat rented from sailors. One boat can accommodate five people on board and is equipped with life jackets under the seats. Only a 15 minutes boat ride.

Banyuwangi is a transit community to Bali. If you like character, and household activities, be sure that you spend some time and chance to explore this gorgeous area of Java.

Before you plan a trip to Banyuwangi, be sure to read more about Banyuwangi and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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