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Que linda la Campeona de #SDLive @alexa_bliss_wwe_

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- @alexa_bliss_wwe_ - Sorry for my inactivity! I'm currently on Winter sport with my family. I'll be fully back on sunday! And I'll upload the matches on my Youtube Channel! Have a great day!

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🔵 #SDLive | He aquí los seis main eventers de la noche, quienes pelearán por el WWE Championship HOY, en #eliminationchamber

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let's all hold hands and hope they don't take jericho's list off tv 😩📋

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Day 2 of my 30 Day Challenge asks who my current favorite #wweDiva is. I mean, are we really calling them Divas still? If we go by that the it would be anyone on #totaldivasand I'd say Nikki Bella. But I think they mean your current favorite women's wrestler and that belongs to the two time #wwe #sdlive #smackdownlive #smackdown #womenschampion@alexa_bliss_wwe_ #akexabliss #blissedoff #restingblissface #blissfullittlemonster #fierce #5feetoffury #littlemissbliss The day she stepped foot into that WWE ring, I knew she had the look to succeed in the @wwe but as soon as she wrestled, I saw she had the ability to not only succeed but also to be a champion! Here we are and within 4 months, she's won it twice! I can say so much about Alexa but I'll let the pictures speak for itself! 😍

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🔵 #SDLive | Aquí se encuentran los seis quienes disputarán la primera Cámara de Eliminación por el Intercontinental Championship HOY, en #eliminationchamber

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