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Regla #1: Si se está viendo una conferencia no interrumpir. 😂😂 ____ Etiquetas: #humor #tech #tecnologia #code #coding #programacion #programming #programmer #software #softwaredeveloper #webdeveloper #GitHub #workstation #workspace #backend #frontend #computerscience #softwareengeneering #apple #android #windows #UPDPolimatia ____ Contactanos: - Social: Un Poco de Polimatía [email protected]} - Web: {Próximamente} ____ Derechos de Autor: • En la publicación no se pretende infringir con los derecho de autor, si existe alguna excepción comunicarse por medio de las indicaciones de contacto. • In the post we don't intended to infringe upon the copyright, if exist any exception communicate through the contact information.

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Photo by: @isaacson_e 5/21/2017 | Finishing up my 1st project for school | iPhone 7 Plus

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Count your blessings ✨ Good morning ☀️ everyone! What are your plans for today?

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Outside meeting ⠀

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Got a great present from my old team at #invoiz. From now on, Octocat will watch me code. Thanks guys! #octocat #code #github #happy #hacking

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Photo by: @jordanhudgens I'm going to miss this spot over the next three weeks, but Utah is going to be fun!

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@codingcouple - Refuel, refactor, repeat, you know the drill, right? ☕ After some time of absence, we are getting back to our good habit of contributing to our own projects daily, or as we like to call it - green fields of Github (we know you guys do the same thing!). All that wouldn’t be possible without these delicious cups of black filter coffee. But, you know, in moderation. Only like two, or three per day. Or seven. 😁 Also, we've recently found the cutest thing on Instagram - @sirgustaw. You guys check it out before it’ll go mainstream! 😂 #codingcouple #javascript #github

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I have been hard at work on my “personal” project, if you want to call it that, it’s become quite the obsession which has made me very determined to see it through. I’ve focused a lot on the design of the platform for the core users and spent these past few days working hard on one of the components that is the “hardest” to design. It’s one of those things that has been in need of a proper redesign for years, ever since I was in high school and started using it, and I’ve come to realise why someone might not have taken on the challenge or succeeded, because it’s very, very, very challenging. And yes I am very vague on the details about this but I am trying to be careful with the amount of information and ideas I share, not because of paranoia of people stealing them, but to not get the affirmation for the project before I’m done with it. That has happened too many times which has caused me to not continue working on with a project, because I already received the affirmation for the idea and not the execution. And speaking of stealing, ideas are nothing without execution and the ideas you have are most likely not original, since everything we think of are based on the environment we live in and the people we see, the things we do etc. Haven’t you ever seen a product out in the world that you thought of before but never pursued? I sure have, so many times that I got fed up with it and started creating my own things. ––– Also thank you everyone for the amazing feedback, I really appreciate it. I will try my best to apply the things you want to see and read in future posts. Speaking of, when it comes to design I have never really seen myself as a “professional” designer, I just design the things I want or see a need for and take inspiration from other people and their designs. One thing I learned and still use in my everyday work is that “Nothing is original, everything is a remix.”, which is why logotypes get repeated over time and design trends occur. It’s not stealing, it’s sharing. Don’t become cynical when someone creates a design just like yours, be proud because that means your work was so beautiful that they wanted their own work to look just like yours.

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Primer paso listo!!! Hacer la llamada a la API de GitHub a través de componentes con React!! Vamos #react #reactlover #github #ajax #promises #es6 #sublimetext #bootstrap #webpack

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Disputa entre hackers! Evento da @roadsec hoje com palestras como proteger​ redes Wi-Fi, USB Rubber com Arduino, Investigando Roubo de Arquivos e Informações Industriais, Rede Bitcoin , Segurança Sistemas de Câmeras, resposta à incidente e Forense Digital. #hacker #hackers #kali #roadsec #eventos #recife #brasil #vunerability #security #pentest #invasao #tecnologia #tecnología #softwareengineering #hardware #mundo #web #nerd #computer #computers

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Abertura de cadeados!! Evento da @roadsec hoje com palestras como proteger​ redes Wi-Fi, USB Rubber com Arduino, Investigando Roubo de Arquivos e Informações Industriais, Rede Bitcoin , Segurança Sistemas de Câmeras, resposta à incidente e Forense Digital. #hacker #hackers #kali #roadsec #eventos #recife #brasil #vunerability #security #pentest #invasao #tecnologia #tecnología #softwareengineering #hardware #mundo #web #nerd #computer #computers

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